Review & pics by: Fred Meyer

DTC Wave 2 - Snow Serpent

  Review & pics by Fred Meyer

Snow Serpent carded

Sometimes a figure comes along that is hard to review objectively. On one hand, the figure will be a fantastic update of a classic Joe figure that pays homage to the original. On the other hand, it will also be a figure that is extremely similar to a slew of other figures that have been released in the past few years. It may also be a figure that is extremely specialized and not one that will be used in terribly large numbers. Such is the case with this latest cold weather trooper, the DTC Snow Serpent.

Snow Serpent frontSnow Serpent back

Remember the VvV 6 Snow Wolf? I reviewed him back when the penultimate wave of Valor vs. Venom hit and was pretty impressed with him overall. Well, take that figure, remove the wolf pelt cloak, add in some new accessories and change the color scheme a bit and you’ve got the DTC Snow Serpent. The body suit is a light gray, with blue straps and harnesses. The gloves, kneepads, and boots are all painted black. The removable helmet has also been painted primarily black with blue goggles and a gray top. He’s even wearing a blue pouch around his waist—just like the original Snow Serpent did back in the 80’s. Included for gear are a pair of snow shoes, a fantastic new backpack with painted bedroll, a pistol and the same SAW that came with VvV 7 Duke. Overall, this IS the original Snow Serpent done today!

Snow Serpent helmet

Snow Serpent closeup

So, why am I plodding my way through this review with so little enthusiasm? After all, this is a classic figure that’s been updated—I should be all over this like a Joe fan after convention exclusives. I think my ennui stems from the fact that I’m full up on arctic troopers. Back in GvC, we had the Snow Serpent/Blowtorch two-pack. In Valor vs. Venom we got a Snow Wolf/ BAT two-pack, the Polar Blast snowmobile with a Snow Serpent, a Snow Wolf vs. Frostbite two-pack, and now the DTC Snow Serpent. Honestly, I’ve got more arctic troops than I know what to do with. Don’t get me wrong—this really is a terrific figure but it is one whose specialty has suffered from overexposure. How many arctic troops do you really need? Now, if you didn’t like the GvC Snow Serpent mold then this is the figure for you to troop build with. The proportions are better and you won’t end up with a bucket full of Blowtorches. However, if you’re like me and have been getting limited numbers of each Cobra arctic trooper that has been released, you’ve got a sizeable cold weather contingent already. I may be in the minority but I don’t see myself buying any more of these than the two that came in my case.

Snow Serpent gear

I hate to say it but for me the Snow Serpent is the “shippable” figure in the wave. It’s a great update of the original Snow Serpent but it’s also a figure that I think was done to perfect back in VvV Wave 6. Joe fans that missed that version are going to grab these up by the box full. However, for those of us who were able to find that wave without any real difficulty, this is the figure that can be skipped. So, if you didn’t get them as Snow Wolves, get these guys while they’re available. If you’re full up on arctic troops like I am, use the money you’d allocated for these and stock up on Range Vipers instead!

Comparison of Snow Serpent & Snow Wolf figures

Cobra cold weather troops




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