G.I. Joe Collector's Club Review Index


The G.I. Joe Collector's Club is the official organizer of the annual G.I. Joe Collector's Convention and publishes a monthly newsletter sent to members that features articles, comics, and reviews written by its members. The GIJCC also has stepped in to produce officially sanctioned G.I. Joe merchandise in both 1:16 and 1:18 scales. For more information, visit GIJoeClub.com.

Collector's Convention sets
Force of Battle 2000 (2017)
Sky Patrol (2016)
Operation: Bear Trap (2012)
Special Mission Brazil (2011)
Vacation in the Shadows (2010)
Crimson Strike Team (2009)
Cobra Headhunters (2008)
Tanks for the Memories (2007)
Cobra's Most Wanted: Mercenaries (2006)
MARS Invades (2005)
Dreadnok Rampage (2004)
Operation Anaconda (2003)
Crimson Strike Team (2002)
Membership Renewal Figures
Big Lob (2017)
Dialtone (2011)
Big Lob (2010)
Undertow (2009)
Copperhead (2007)
Heavy Water (2005)
Zartan - clear version (2004)
Adventure Team
Operation: Flaming MOTH
Arctic Theatre
Desert Theatre
Jungle Theatre
Pacific Theatre
Figure Subscription Service #1
Cover Girl
Iron Klaw
Nano BAT
Sure Fire
Figure Subscription Service 2.0
Figure Subscription Service 3.0
Figure Subscription Service 4.0
Carla "Doc" Greer - 13th Bonus Figure
Figure Subscription Service 5.0
Gaucho (Z-Force)
Shattered Glass Xamot
Steel Raven
G.I. Jane - 13th Bonus Figure


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