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BTR Ground Striker w/ Flint

  Review & pics by Luke Ellison

“BTR building sets combine construction and action-packed play! With action features and cool detailed pieces, BTR is BUILT TO RULE!” –Hasbro Inc.

Subject: Ground Striker w/ Flint

Driver: Since the re-launch, only one version of Flint has been released in the JvC toyline, to my knowledge. That version was designed to be more Japanese cartoon looking and is highly frowned upon by most collectors because of his mis-proportioned body and huge feet. The BTR team has heard the cries of the fans and sculpted a stern, more humanesque second in command for the Joe team (or is that third? Or fourth?) The value of this Flint makes the sets price worth it alone. Much like the Blowtorch that came with last years’ watercraft, this figure is highly sought after by customizers. The body sculpt is a simple military design with pouches, patches, and a gun holster across the chest. The paint scheme leaves a lot to be desired with a forest green body suit and plain brown boots and sleeves. Extremely nice detailing in the sculpt, just not in the paint job.

BTR Flint

BTR Flint comparison

Vehicle design: Joes need jeeps. All terrain vehicles are as necessary as weapons when chasing after the sinister COBRA organization who more or less reign terror in every environment imaginable. Compared to last years’ jeep, this is a major improvement both in size and sturdiness. 6 wheels help stabilize the vehicle and the front grill deflects loose terrain from damaging the engine. The Ground Striker is a simple design, but then again so are most jeeps. This thing is way taller than the Jungle Strike Humvee that just came out and looks like it could run right over it. The GS also has a lot of nice little touches like rivets and vents in the engine hood, cases attached to the sides and hinges on the doors.

BTR Ground Striker side

BTR Ground Striker rear

Features: Not much to report here. Just like the COBRA H.I.S.S. turret, the GS has 2 rotating missile launchers that are controlled at the rear with a simple twist of a dial. There’s a lot of room for additional troops in the back, or freshly caught COBRA prisoners. The nice things that Hasbro has added are the front seats.

BTR Ground Striker turret

BTR Ground Striker turret

BTR Ground Striker turret movement

BTR Ground Striker interior

Colors and graphics: Well, thank the Lord its not neon. The Ground Striker is a nice mixture of greens and grays, with the only eye-catching color of red on the missiles. The GI Joe logo and BTR model number are the only graphics on the entire surface, besides a small set of stripes on the hood.

Play value: The GS is rather sturdy. It can hold up to a lot of playing with younger kids. The six wheels help it roll along carpet fairly easily. Given that this vehicle is featured in the Valor Vs Venom movie, I’m sure a lot of fans will want to reenact the Joes rebuilding the jeep into a hovercraft (which is shown in the instruction manual).

Value to GI Joe collector: It’s definitely a fun toy, but not the most army realistic when compared to the Humvee. If you liked the VvV movie, as a collector you’ve got to pick this up. If you’re picky when it comes to Joe transportation, hold off on it, unless you’re one of the many who hate the JvC Flint. Then, as mentioned, snatch this puppy up for its nicely sculpted remake of Lady Jaye’s hubby.

BTR Ground Striker crewed!


Figure: 9.5 out of 10 (would be perfect if had more paint detail)

Vehicle design: 6.5 out of 10

Features: 6.5 out of 10

Play aesthetics: 8 out of 10

Overall value: 8 out of 10 (mostly for Flint)


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