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(Two Python Vipers take point in low, but dense foliage.  Area of operations: Unknown)


(A Python Viper scrambles over blasted terrain to secure a frontline position during a firefight.  Area of operations: California's Sierra Nevada mountain range)



Python Viper


Cobra Python Patrol






Cobra Vipers


Python Vipers are expected to be deployed with a small variety of small arms, but the main weapon carried by all Python Vipers is a black version of the Cobra Rifle, a combination rifle/grenade launcher.


Assault Trooper






     During the first conception of the Python Patrol, the Python-class Cobra Viper served as the backbone trooper of every squad.  Unlike the later Cobra Troopers deployed in 1998, the Python Viper was among the best trained, most motivated, and best equipped in the legions of Cobra Infantry.  Like all of the Python Patrol, the Python Viper was trained to utilize the Pythonizing Process* to its utmost for stealth intrusion of enemy lines while maintaining the technological advantages of the standard Viper equipment.

     The Python Viper was originally deployed with the Python Patrol in 1989.  Unlike the rest of Cobra's enlisted hierarchy, the Python Viper was the lowest ranking soldier within the Python Patrol, lower even than the Python-class Trooper.  It is presumed the Python Viper was culled from the regular ranks of Cobra Vipers, possibly through an extensive (and rumored near-fatal) interviewing process.  This makes the Python Viper one of Cobra's most decisive, high-tech troopers to display exceptional dedication to the Cobra cause and their mission.

     Previous battlefield reports always emphasized the difficulty in detection and the aggressive tactics Python Vipers displayed time and time again.  These soldiers possess the ability to remain controlled under pressure, use unconventional means to attack, and an aptitude for fighting within a variety of combat environments.  Often, a squad of the Python Patrol, spearheaded by Python Vipers, would be belatedly discovered behind friendly lines with an established, superior attack position.  In the few clear and coherent reports of combat engagements, the Python Viper was consistently a formidable opponent fully capable of reacting creatively and quickly with disorienting, but effective, blitzkrieg-style tactics.  When on the defensive, Python Viper maintain total discipline and do not break from their position until ordered, regardless of opposition strength and amount of friendly casualties.

     The original incarnation of the Python Viper has now been sighted with the 2003 deployment of the Python Patrol.  Given the strength and utility of this personnel type however, it is also recommended to be informed of the Python Viper and any new developments of this troop type.

     Recent intelligence gatherings have determined that some Python Patrol platoons have been outfitted with prototype upgraded Python Viper detachments.  Details as to their equipment, tactics, and training is still unconfirmed, however, they appear to be carrying portable artillery and assault rifles similar to the Sonic-class Viper deployed in 1990.  Refer to the Surveillance section for more visual references.  While originally deployed in 1989, Cobra has upgraded its Viper corps as of 2004 and it is presumed that there are also upgraded detachments of Vipers within the newest Python Patrol deployments.


*A process in which personnel and/or vehicles are outfitted with a primary layer of radar-resistant black-ball paint, then blanketed with a thermal-wave dispersal grid.



1989 Python Patrol Viper

Python Patrol Assault Trooper

Python Viper

Python Viper

Python Viper

Viper Troop Identification Guide

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