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(Cobra Commander surrounded by Imperial Guards and Crimson Guards.  Area of operations: Unknown)



Cobra Commander






Cobra Command




Licensed to operate all Cobra vehicles.




Ordnance (Experimental Weapons)


When garbed in his "Battle Corps" uniform, Cobra Commander carries only a CC-1 repeating machine gun with built-in silencer, a Cobra, all purpose "Cutter knife" with leg sheath, a long range, "Cobra Cannon" missile launcher, and personal, Cobra Commander assault pistol.


Commander of Cobra Forces






     Absolute power.  Total domination of the world... its people, wealth, and resources–that's the objective of Cobra Commander believes is his destiny.  Implicit in every word he utters, this ruthless egomaniac's principle desire is to take over the world and totally crush the G. I. Joe Team while he's at it.  A roiling mass of contradictions, Cobra Commander is intelligent, yet oblivious to reality; passionate about his nasty aims, yet cold to people; perceptive of the minor faults of others, yet blind to his own foibles.  Cobra Commander is basically an ingenious small-time hustler, card-cheat, junk-bond salesman, and real estate swindler who had visions of grandeur and has risen to greater power than was ever expected–but the same could be said for many infamous dictators of the past.

     Cobra Commander actually started out as a used car dealer, but increasingly began to believe that governments and big business were "out to get the little guy."  He was determined to find a way to climb to the "top of the heap" by any means necessary.  Already an unstable personality, the man who would be Cobra Commander went completely around the bend when his brother was fatally wounded in a traffic accident with a soldier's family.  It mattered not that it had been his brother who caused the accident.  He built an organization of malcontents and financed it with everything from pyramid schemes to selling household products door-to-door.  He gradually realized his dream of forming a terrorist organization backed by legions of Cobra Vipers, a small air force, and navy with the will and firepower to cause chaos around the world.  He personally led uprisings in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and other trouble spots.  He is responsible for kidnapping scientists, businessmen, and military leaders, then forcing them to reveal their top level secrets.  He has built a large network of spies who supply him with information about governments and businesses around the globe. He uses this information to expand his empire and increase his power.

     In 1987, to protect the Cobra leader in the heat of battle, the best technical minds of Destro's armament factory and a Siegie named Fred VII created a special suit of body armor that combines flexible bullet-proof polymer fabrics with beryllium steel plate components.  The entire suit is air-conditioned, solvent-resistant, and ray-shielded.  The helmet is fitted with an integral commo-system, internal read-outs for environmental quality and a miniaturized computer display.  Each suit costs as much as a jet fighter.  The plate parts can withstand a direct hit from a heavy machine-gun and the flexible parts will stop anything up to a .357 magnum.

     In 1991, Cobra Commander became a stickler for detail and kept track of his most remote Vipers with his radio-controlled, buzz-bomb, flying surveillance weapon equipped with wide-scan view monitor and thermal image enhancements.  Later, Cobra Commander began wearing a field commander's dress jacket and trousers that included a battle dress cord for extreme ruthlessness in action, a specialized ammo and weapons belt, a synthetic, non-flammable hood to continue disguising his identity, customized, puncture-proof all-weather boots, and his Cobra Command rank insignia.

     In 2001, Cobra Commander once again enlisted Destro and his best technical minds to enhance his one-of-a-kind, battle armor with miniaturized laser weapons that emit invisible beams of explosive firepower, and protective infra-red sensor barriers, so he can stand front and center in any battle using the latest laser technology.  The suit resisted blasts from as close as 40 feet away.

     Two years later, Cobra Commander first learned of the Black Dragon organization when the Black Dragon Leader petitioned for an alliance between the two subversive groups, destroying the G. I. Joe Mobile Strike Headquarters as a "gift" to prove their worth.  While Cobra Commander routinely squashes any threat to his leadership, he allowed the two groups to form a tenuous partnership, a relationship which existed solely to serve the selfish interests of Cobra Commander.   On the eve of the historic union, he took no chances, increasing Cobra Island perimeter patrols by Swamp-Viper team members and doubling the overhead Flight Pods piloted by Air-Viper members.  Finally, with the unstoppable might of the Black Dragon organization to be used as pawns at his disposal, he planned to eliminate G. I. Joe once and for all, freeing himself to conquer the world unchallenged in his own selfish pursuit of power and riches.

     Cobra Commander's latest update to high-tech armor occurred in 2003 when he artfully disguised it as his battlefield command uniform.  The "fabric" parts are laminates of flexible bulletproof polymer composites and the helmet is bonded with beryllium steel plates.  The suit is completely airtight, climate controlled, solvent resistant, ray-shielded, and impervious to boring insects.  It has long been suspected that the helmet contains an anti-tamper device wired to plastic explosives.  If it were anyone else, you'd have to give the guy credit for having guts, but where Cobra Commander is concerned, it's all about control of everything.

     Today, Cobra is regarded as the number-one terrorist threat across the globe.  As supreme commander of the Cobra Legions, contraband arms merchant, and international terrorist, Cobra Commander is the ultimate foe of G. I. Joe.  He stands at the very center of his own universe, smugly congratulating himself on his use of greed and fear to achieve his terrible aims.  Ruthless and unimaginative, self-involved and unrepentant, vengeful and unforgiving, he combines the worst traits of humanity with the moral rectitude of a corporate executive, the honesty of a politician, and the compassion of an HMO administrator.  A stickler for detail, he keeps track of his most remote Vipers with his radio-controlled, buzz-bomb, flying surveillance weapon equipped with wide-scan view monitor and thermal image enhancements.

     Cobra Commander even likes to be up front in the thick of the action when his Vipers, Eels, and Siegies confront the G. I. Joe Team.  Cobra Commander can operate any Cobra Vehicle in the organization's arsenal.  He especially enjoys operating the Rat hovercraft and the Parasite armored personnel carrier, which he named himself.  Although no Cobra Vipers, or even his most trusted Crimson Guard Commanders and officers, have ever seen the face of Cobra Commander, they are all too familiar with the nasty sound of his voice, screeching the Cobra battle cry while exhorting the Viper Legions to attack or shout dire threats.  His soldiers know the man behind the mask is the most diabolical villain imaginable.

     His main battle plan for world control relies on revolution, chaos, terrorism, social tyranny, and economic slavery.  Totally ruthless and utterly devoid of conscience, honor, or scruples, Cobra Commander is utterly dedicated to starting conflict, overthrowing nations, and doing everything possible to bring down the governments of the world.  With his desire to conquer the planet under his iron fist, Cobra Commander is unquestionably the most dangerous and ruthless man on the face of the Earth.  He demands total loyalty and allegiance and gives out strong punishments to anyone who questions him.  He has even gone so far as to order the twisted genius Dr. Mindbender to experiment with combining human and animal DNA to produce more savage warriors for his legions.  Cobra Commander's numerous attempts to accomplish this distorted dream of world dominance have so far been foiled by the Joes, but they are always on the alert because he keeps coming back stronger and stronger, with incredibly destructive weapons and vehicles.



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Cobra Commander
Cobra Commander
Cobra Commander
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